Sorry at Burning Man

“SORRY” is an installation, made of square office lamps – lamps under which many of us spend more time than with our own families. Its author, Alexey Sai, has long been inspired by office life.

Illustration “The Solar System” by Anton Shevtsov.

We admit that, initially, we planned to bring the art installation “Time to Say Goodbye” – a 25-meter tunnel that consists of the same office light, and is intended to recreate the last view of a person who dies in an office, at the workplace. Unfortunately, the team underestimated the logistical difficulties of assembling this installation in the United States, so the project was replaced with the lighter “SORRY”.

On the Playa, this project was most visible from above and at night. The ordinary cycling public often perceived the installation as a giant dance floor, so it had to be fenced off and marked with flashing lights.

Project team: Alexey Sai, Svetlana Ratoshnyuk, Alexey Novikov, Vitaly Zasadny, Natalya Rikabal Kalmykova, Alena Owens, Yaroslav Korets.