Precompression Kyiv: Dreams of AI

On May 26, in the pavilion 13 of the Expo Center of Ukraine, the first official regional Burning Man event “Precompression Kyiv” took place. We did not know how Ukrainians would react to the event and its format, so we clearly stated that Precompression is an experimental type of event, organized by the Ukrainian Burning Man community in accordance with the 10 Burning Man principles, where the content is created by its participants.

Illustration “Invasion” by Anton Shevtsov.

Since the Burning Man theme in 2018 was “I, ROBOT”, and our event was in anticipation of the upcoming week in Black Rock City, we decided to channel the general creative energy into the future and match the first Precompression theme with the upcoming Burning Man. Therefore, Kyiv Precompression was on the topic “Dreams of AI”.

The concept of Precompression Kyiv was performed as a “blank slate room”, which had to be filled with various brave ideas of the participants, which were given  only some suggested trends, so that meant almost neither limitations for their creativity.

Participants submitted dozens of projects:

  • music (5 dance floors, including a stage with live music)

  • lecture hall (8 hours of lectures and workshops on topics related to Burning Man and creativity)

  • space with art objects (gallery, a garden filled with art objects and installations)

  • fire art (fire shows, fire sculptures and other games with fire)

  • 360° cinema (more than 10 hours of unique content presented by its authors)

  • VJ and light art

  • performances and theater

  • Gift Bar and Gift Kitchen

  • children’s area with a workshop on the creation of art objects

“No Spectators, Only Participants” is one of the most important principles of Burning Man, which invites everyone to stop being a spectator and turn into an artist.

Precompression from participants’ point of view:

n preparation for Precompression, we created a site for the Burner Community of Ukraine at, where we posted information about the participants’ art projects.

In the future, we want to add a functionality, which will allow participants to allocate their art projects not only in a physical space but on the website as well.

Precompression Kyiv 2018

Facebook event: