Kurenivka Camp at Burning Man 2018

We were very pleased when emails started coming in to members of the the Ukrainian Burner community, asking if Kurenivka would be on the Playa this year, if we would be bringing our famous nastoikas (drinks), or whether there would be any Ukrainians at all this year.

Illustration “Energy”,  Anton Shevtsov.

And so Kurenivka went to Burning Man for the second time. Here is how it differed from the first:

  1. There were fewer people in the camp: 80 in 2017, 65 in 2018
  2. Our kitchen fed not only Kurenivtsi, but everyone
  3. The shower system, being almost the best of the Playa in 2017, became even better by adding microcontrollers to dose water
  4. A giant army tent was brought and installed, which simultaneously became the coziest dance floor and bar
  5. We added two-person hexayurts, designed for couples
  6. We had a costumed office party dedicated to the fake ICO
  7. The Kyiv band group “Happy People” performed at the party
  8. Two art objects by Ukrainian artists were built on the Playa: “SORRY” by Alexey Say and “AI.tlants” by Sasha Stepanenko
  9. Alexey Say held an original workshop on casting tin office soldiers
  10. Kurenivtsi Yaroslav Korets and Alexander Ovsyanko completed the Black Rock City Mentorship Program
  11. A portion of the camp fee was set aside to allow those heroes who stayed behind for post-event strike to rest on Lake Tahoe

Kurenivka followed all the principles of Burning Man and left their spot on the Playa in perfect order, according to the Burning Man placement team.

We haven’t had time to make an official aftermovie yet, but you can find videos from several of our fellow camp mates on our Youtube channel.

“I confess, I experienced a split personality. I thought that my camera was crammed with videos of Burning Man, with beautiful faces of people, the laughter of our camp members, art, fire, wind, dancing, bars, shouts, storms.But when I looked, I found only a couple of files.I remembered some situations so vividly that I was certain I had recorded them – but, alas, there were 3 seconds of shaking, and no other take. I have never had a camera with me in such a textured place – but I simply could not look at the screen. The thought, “I should make a cool video about the Burn”, had no weight whatsoever.

After all, I am in the middle of the desert storm. One can’t describe how beautiful it is when you are riding around with your mouth open (figuratively, of course). When you meet funny people and have great conversations, you don’t want to be distracted:  you want to be completely present in the moment there.

Here are a few pieces of our time on #Burningman from cell phones and a camera. We really want to remember these people and my first Burn. Thank you, Kurenivka 2.0. It’s a pity that we didn’t get a chance to know each other fully. See you in the dust next time.

Music – Ryan Davis”

Nastya Kovalchuk.

Experience of our glorious electricians Igor Panchenko and Alexei Vlasenko:

Teaser of the official Aftermovie by Ella Vasilevska: