Financial report 2018

When we declare that our activity does not pursue commercial advantage, we mean just that. The principle of Decommodification in our community (absence of commercial beginnings) suggests that the activities of our community cannot be motivated by the desire to earn. Our motives are radical self-expression and gifting. Therefore, we publish transparent financial statements for all of our projects within a month after their completion.

illustration “The Maze” by Anton Shevtsov.

As part of the annual report, we have compiled financial data for all of our projects and want to present you with the main figures

Precompression budget 14 889 USD
Kurenivka camp budget at Burning Man 2018 44 725 USD
Budget of the art-project “Sorry”, by Alexey Sai 13 705 USD
Budget of the art-project “Ai.Tlants”, by Alexandra Stepanenko 29 244 USD
Decompression Budget 14 377 USD
Total budget of all projects 116 940 USD
Total expenses 116 530 USD
The remaining budget, which is transferred to the further events 410 USD

A detailed financial report is available at the Google Spreadsheet. Details containing our revenues and expenditures for each projects are separated in their respective tabs: Precompression 2018, Burning Man 2018, Decompression 2018. Annotated bank statements are under “Ai.Tlants transactions List”.