Decompression Kyiv: U augment US

What is Decompression?

– a large and empty canvas for self-expression. Anything that one wanted to say about themself could be told within the framework of Decompression;

– a party with 5 dance floors, equipped with high-quality sound. Many of the DJs played at Burning Man 2018;

Illustration “Farewell”, Anton Shevtsov.

– a place to meet and chat. We had a cozy chill space, delicious tea, and friendly people – exactly the qualities lacking in a modern club;

– a huge gallery space with art objects;

– a space for sharing knowledge and ideas. Perhaps, the only party with a lecture hall 🙂 ;

– a space for everyone’s self-expression. It is difficult to find a better place to wear unusual costumes and experiment with intricate images.

As per tradition, there was a Costume Camp: those who came without a costume could find one among the racks.

– a variety of entertainment. Intriguing fun occupations for both who are adult and who are not really – the choice was for everyone, the age of the participants was not an important issue;)

– a global event which takes place in 25 countries around the world, with each one possessing unique qualities. There is only one constant – following the 10 principles of Burning Man.

– a non-commercial and open source event, where the budget is transparently published. Participants are involved in organizing of the event. All ticket fees collected go toward the event itself.

And the MAIN THING is every participant’s individual contribution, because the theme of Decompression is “U augment Us”.

Decompression Kyiv in figures:

  • 1200 participants
  • More than 20 art projects
  • Participants from more than 10 countries
  • 5 dance floors and more than 20 DJs, special guest Benjamin Alexander (London), co-founder of the most famous art-punishment on Burning Man – Robot Heart
  • Musical performances and fire show
  • Two free bars, including the first gay bar in Ukraine within the framework of the festival – “Anya”
  • Lectures
  • Global Cultural Direction for Black Rock City community conversation
  • 135 participants of the cooperative art project “Garden of Warm Children”
  • Over 100 participants made the first art project in their lives

Dj Lineup:

Very The Jerry, Heinali / Shpudeiko / Shmurak, Musson, Benjamin Alexander (Robot Heart, London UK), Mamay b2b David Kareyan, YU.R, Efy, Uliana, roman, Severyn, Rybka, Fun2mass, GRZLY, Ro Rousseau b2b Miura, Frolov.

Adjeda Lectures:

  • Drugstore at Burning Man (Gala Sergienko)
  •  Personal Transformation: Burning Man Experience (Nastia Luntanchino)
  • Traditions and rituals on Burning Man: stories and legends (Oleg Tolstoy, Russian burners)
  • Artifact Project (Valery Korshunov)
  • Let’s build the Temple on Burning Man (Pavel Sakharov, Russian burners)
  • Alternative society – myth or reality (Max Nefedov)
  • What do we want to do to our regional Burn (Yaroslav Korets)
  • Public talk: Culture Direction for Black Rock city (global community conversation)

Facebook event: