AI.Tlants at Burning Man

The AI.Tlants project began with Alexandra Stepanenko’s desire to return to Burning Man 2018 with her own contribution. In Burners culture, this is called “giving back to community”. Being an artist, Alexandra chose to create an art installation. She gathered a team of like-minded people and applied for an art grant from Burning Man. The project went to the shortlist, but unfortunately, did not receive a grant. Nevertheless, the team was not discouraged; they proceeded with crowdfunding and continued to prepare a prototype of the project at the first Ukrainian regional event, Precompression.

Illustration “Weight”, Anton Shevtsov.

Later, the team heard that the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine announced a creative contest for the “Popularization of Ukraine in the world.” It was a good opportunity to represent Ukraine at a large international event, as well as to receive some much-needed financial support. Thanks to the participation of the state, our guys collected the necessary funding and were able to create the project.

Project team: Alexandra Stepanenko, Alexey Tronchuk, Roman Fomov, Vitaly Stetsyuk, Vyacheslav Gudenok, Sergey Dumik, Yaroslav Korets.

“Our project visualizes a world of the future. The sphere on  the Atlantis’ shoulders is multisymbolic: for example, in one of the interpretations, it means our planet, and the Atlantean robots at its foundation symbolize the basis of the futuristic world. At the same time, it is a symbol of the human brain, consisting of a neural network along which signals are actively moving along synapses. Combining this structure into one takes us into a world of technological singularity, when technology and man become an inseparable whole.”- Alexandra Stepanenko.